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Crystal Quest CQE-CT-00142 Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System 50 GPD 10-stage

Crystal Quest CQE-CT-00142 Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System 50 GPD 10-stage

$ 169.00

Reverse Osmosis Countertop 10 Filter Stage system 50 GPD Crystal Quest #CQE-CT-00142 

Convenient and Portable

Crystal Quest Countertop Thunder Reverse Osmosis System # CQE-CT-00142

This is the only 10 stage Countertop Reverse Osmosis unit available . 10 filter stages allow you to drink the purest filtered countertop water possible. You may may have to pay a few dollars more then the made in China models but I think it is worth every penny.

Convenient and portable are the main advantages to this great reverse Osmosis unit. This water filter system can product up to 50 gallons per day of safe, clean, pure, high quality drinking water any where you live or travel. Excellent for condo's, apartments, motels, RV's even your home or work place. This unit use reverse osmosis technology to remove unwanted contaminants.


Easy to Use

This unit is easy to hook up and use, it is so convenient. Remove unit from shipping box follow the easy to use assembly instructions for the unit, locate next to sink and remove aerator from the that faucet choose correct adapter needed for your faucet, install the diverter on the faucet, turn the black nob to filter and turn the water on.     

#1 Countertop Reverse Osmosis System

The Crystal Quest 50 GPM Countertop Thunder Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System is the highest rated, number 1 countertop reverse osmosis water filter on the market. You will not find another similar product in this same price range that offers the water purification capabilities of this amazing, portable reverse osmosis unit from Crystal Quest manufacturing.

Click Here to Download the PDF Instruction Manual

 Please Note: This unit takes 35 seconds to fill a 12 oz. Glass. Filling a pitcher works well. 


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Had been in Columbus Ohio for 10 years. Never knew our public water system provided water had this great taste until it came through Crystal Quest. Tasted like premium mineral water. Coffee or tea tastes much better as well as cooking. I used to scoff at people when they claimed that water matters but I realize it now. After one year you need to change the filters and RO system I thought it better to just order the new one (there is not much cost difference and ordered it from Amazon). Last year bought this one from the company. Set up is easy, if you tighten it too hard it leaks sometime as the connection to your tap can "eat up the water connecting hose, just cut it up and fix it again. I would say its worth every penny and will buy it again.

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I really like my RO water filtration system. I would prefer if it were housed differently. The instruction for set up were a bit vague. There was a small red plug in the waste water line. There was no mention in the instructions as to whether it was to be removed or to remain in the line. After a couple of weeks of online research I finally opted to remove the red plug after I found a photo "without" the red plug. Works like a charm. Water is delicious tasting.

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I bought this same exact model about 5 years ago and replaced the filters accordingly. Finally, my unit was starting to look a bit worn, and I decided to order a new one. There really isn't anything fancy about this. First, it costs about the same as ordering the filters individually directly from Crystal Quest. So you're really not spending a ridiculous amount of money, so you can't really expect much either. I noticed the new unit I received was almost exactly like my old one, but the spout looked a little different, and the waste water tube was a little more updated too. But all in all, it works the same. It came with several pieces to fit to your faucet, and I was able to attach it just fine with the adapters that were included. What I really like about this is that it is portable, so you're not spending lots of money on a RO system that gets installed, and then you can't take it with you. I did move recently, and was ever so thankful that my unit could go with me. It does take up a lot of space, and it doesn't exactly look pretty. But I'm about practical, not looking pretty. Water pressure will determine how much flow you get, and my flow is pretty poor. So I got a funnel, and some glass bottles, and now I keep four large glass bottles filled with filtered water. If one gets empty, I put a funnel in it, and let it fill up for about an hour while I'm doing whatever else. I also found that I can save the waste water, and use it to water my plants. But that requires a little more maintenance. The water tastes very good when filtered through this unit. I can tell when it's time for a new filter based on the taste of the water. With a two person household, that drink a lot of water, I find that I replace two of the filters once a year, and the third filter once every other year. You can't run hot water through this, it will ruin the membrane or whatever is inside. I did accidentally run hot water through it once, and my water tasted awful. I was able to fix it by replacing just the first filter.

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Sits on the counter-top, spits out RO water at around 1.5 gallons per hour. Tap water measures 380-430ppm Initial RO water measures 32ppm, after standing for a short time drops to 17ppm. Setup is pretty straight forward, you have to remove all the little bits of red plastic as the directions say. There's a red nipple in the drain hose that is difficult enough to pull out that it's not obvious it should be removed, but you must pull it out as well. Then just screw it into your faucet, flop the drain hose into your sink, and the spigot gives a decent stream of RO water. Always use cold water for your RO filter. The initial ppm's will be lower with colder water (less salts and such are soluble in cold water) which is better on the filters. The flow is slightly faster with hotter water, but straining the membranes and possibly leeching the PVC isn't worth it. The only thing that would make this product better is if the output spigot was a bit more adjustable. It swings up and down but that's the extent of how you can set it. You have to push the entire filter assembly around if you need it to pour in a specific location.

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I ordered this filter, which has no tank, knowing the water flow would be painfully slow, and that my house had to have enough water pressure (55 psi) to make it work. Other than the initial defective unit everything has worked out fine. It cleans up my water from 160's PPM to 20's PPM.



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